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My premium blog network can help you rank for difficult keywords with ease. Unlike most networks I create high quality blogs with amazing native english content, perfect design and more. My blog network looks so awesome you’ll think the blogs are real, and so will Google!

I use my network for my own personal sites unlike the majority of Private Blog Owners (PBN), so my network will last as long I’m around. While the majority of blog networks die in a year or two.

Keeping my network clean and safe is my biggest priority because I want to keep my own websites safe, as well as yours. So far I’ve had zero blogs de-indexed by Google; I don’t think there’s a lot of PBN owners out there who can claim that.

Want to build your own PBN?

A lot of people email me asking how to build a Private Blog Network, well luck for you I now have a guide:


Creating a Private Blog Network That’ll Last – Step By Step Guide

I’ll show you how to build a PBN step by step. So you can see all the costs and work involved in creating a PBN, and why just buying PBN links is much easier :)

Some Results


from 21 to 12

from 15 to 3

Only The Best Content

Each blog post gets 100- 400 words of awesome content, written by a native speaker.

Permanent Home Page Links

Your link will stay on the homepage for ever!

Clean Links and Website

We don’t allow adult, gambling or pharmacy websites on our network.

1 New Blog Post Per Month

  • Permanent Homepage Link
  • 200-500 words of quality content
  • Either DA,PA, or TF of 25+

5 New Blog Posts Per Month

  • Permanent Homepage Links
  • 200-500 words of quality content
  • Either DA,PA, or TF of 25+

12 New Blog Post Per Month

  • Permanent Homepage Links
  • 200-500 words of quality content
  • Either DA,PA, or TF of 25+
DA stands for domain authority, PA stands for page authority. Both of these metrics are used to determine how powerful a domain or page are. The higher the better. Our domains have either high DA or PA, but usually both are great. You can learn more about DA & PA here.

TF stands for trust flow. It’s used by Majestic to determine how powerful a domain is. The higher the better. You can learn more about it here.

Currently no. I have professional writers, so adding content from others may lower the quality. If you’re worried about the quality of my content, I can show you an example before it’s posted.
The length is generally 200 – 500 words. I use different lengths for articles to make it more natural. Some articles have pictures and videos to make the blog appear more normal.
The articles stays on the homepage FOREVER. This is one the biggest perks of my blog posting service. You get to keep most of the link juice forever.
Yes. The fee is monthly. You will be billed every month. If you stop paying the links will be removed from the homepage, but will stay on the blogs forever.
The maximum links I will ever place on the homepage is 30. In general you can expect 15-20 links on the homepage.
Pagerank isn’t really an important metric to me, since it’s not very relevant. DA & PA is far more important. In general PR is 1 – 5, with the majority of domains in the PR 2 – 4 range.
In general most orders are completed in 14 days, but it can take up to 21 days.
I have a 30 day refund policy, no questions asked.
Yes and No. I will give you a 1 link report, so you can see an example of the content + site quality. You will get a 1 link report regardless of what package you buy. My blog network does not have crawlers blocked, so you will be able to see the links in your favorite tools ( Ahrefs, Majestic, etc).

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